Eco-Friendly HVAC

Did you know that an AC unit can generate over 1.3 pounds of greenhouse gasses per kilowatt-hour of electrical energy used? By updating your AC unit, you will be able to reduce your carbon footprint by minimizing the amount of carbon dioxide gas produced by your air conditioner each summer. The upgrade is not just to save the environment but also to save you money because you are likely to save over $65 when you use a newer AC unit model.
Proper sizing is crucial when looking for a new air conditioner to purchase. You’ll have to calculate the total area of your living space to identify the right AC unit for your home. The cooling power of an AC unit is usually in British Thermal Units or BTUs in short. After calculating the total floor space, you want to cool, multiply the square footage by 10 and add 4,000. This will give you the BTUs you require to cool the space. Proper sizing is crucial in conserving energy because if the unit has a much higher BTU rating than your home needs, you will spend more on electricity for cooling power you do not need.
Only units with an Energy Star approval should be considered. The Energy Star label is evidence that the air conditioner is at least 10 percent more efficient than what the Energy Protection Agency requires. This is great for both the environment and your wallet.
If you live in a humid climate, be sure to look for an air conditioning unit that also dehumidifies the air. This will help to improve home or office comfort because breathing in air containing high humidity can be overwhelming at times. You can adjust the AC unit to a lower setting by controlling humidity levels and still feel comfy.
Since generating electricity usually produces a lot of carbon emissions, installing an energy-efficient air conditioner can help you reduce carbon emissions. This is because new units are more efficient and consume less energy. Consider adjusting your air conditioner to a lower setting than required to reduce your energy bills. In addition to that, consider turning down your AC unit during the day and go outside to have fun.
Modern air conditioners recirculate air within the house. Warm air within the house is taken through an air filter and cooled before being pumped back into the room. This means that your home can be completely sealed off from the outside without affecting safety or home comfort. Be sure to have your unit installed by a professional who will also check for leaks and seal them to prevent cooled air from leaking outside. Lastly, you need to check your air filters regularly and have them cleaned at least after every three months or monthly depending on where you live. This will help ensure your AC unit runs efficiently and promote your family’s health.
An efficiently cooled home or office can be a lifesaver this summer. Still, the process can harm the environment because of the greenhouse gasses produced by your air conditioning equipment. By minimizing the amount of electrical energy used in cooling your home and installing the most energy-efficient air conditioning units on the market, you will be saving money and minimizing your carbon footprint and helping to protect the environment. Every consumer can take the extra step of recycling their old air conditioning units. You will be pleased to know that many state governments and non-profit organizations offer rebates for old air conditioners that are turned in. Some rebate programs offer as much as $75 in savings on a new unit when the old unit is turned in for recycling.