Renewable Materials

Mission Statement

The Renewable Materials Focus Group is exploring the variety of ways to Build With Carbon—rapidly renewable, plant-based materials as well as minimally-processed, ultra low CO2 alternatives. We are generating tools for communicating these and to promote an understanding that our built environment must become a major carbon sink on Earth, to ensure a sustainable future.

Goals and Objectives

  • Research and publish the embodied carbon impacts of zero embodied carbon and carbon sequestering materials, assemblies, and whole buildings.  These would mainly be plant-based materials that capture carbon via photosynthesis (i.e. wood, straw, hemp, bamboo, etc.) as well as minimally-processed, ultra low CO2 options (clay, compressed earth, polymer concrete, etc.) as well as materials that capture carbon from industrial emissions.
  • Generate comparisons with more commonly-used current materials, study what it takes to achieve zero net embodied carbon utilizing renewable materials, and create easy to understand metrics for communicating these.
  • Map a pathway for increasing awareness with a goal of more widespread adoption of renewable materials.

Focus Group Chair: David Arkin, Arkin Tilt Architects
Contact: david@arkintilt.com

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